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March 17, 2020
Important Information update 4:53 March 17th

Good afternoon Members,

 We are encouraging all members to have the discussion with their crews, supervisors and staff  on the importance of following proper procedures (see link) to maintain a productive worksite, without these conversations happening there can be false information given  that can have a very negative impact on our jobsites and we want to maintain a positive atmosphere and worksite for all.

Thank you, 
Sam Sanderson


Responding to an emergency call for heating, water and power issues as well as many other issues; self quarantined due to travel etc
Procedures are as recommended:
1 - No contact entry, with hand sanitizing upon entry
2- Minimum 2 meter distance or greater
3- Avoid touching unnecessary items
4- Complete the task required
5- Hand sanitizing when leaving

These are recommendations only. We are encouraging all employers and employees to continue the procedures to maintain a safe and operational work site. Please work safe and protect yourself and others.

Sam Sanderson, General Manager, Construction Association of PEI

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