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Landmark Valuation Inc.

Landmark Valuation is a Prince Edward Island-based Real Estate Valuation and Advisory Company located in the Greater Charlottetown area and proudly provides Valuation and Advisory services Island wide and throughout Atlantic Canada. A  well-known proverb states, "Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers, they succeed". When making big decisions in life, is it not prudent to seek advice from a trustworthy source? Buying or selling Real Estate usually falls into the big decision category for most people and in order to make prudent Real Estate decisions, you need to know the value. According to Webster's Dictionary, the name Landmark can be defined as a prominent feature on land, especially one which acts as a guide in following a route or marking a boundary. As a client of Landmark Valuation, you will recognize us as a trusted destination for guidance and assistance with your real estate needs. Our commitment to providing the highest quality commercial and residential valuations will prove to you that we are an industry leader in real estate appraisals on Prince Edward Island. 

When you're preparing to buy or sell a home, a piece of acreage, or a commercial property, you need to know the real value of that investment so you know how much to offer or how much to ask. And that's where we come in. While many buyers and sellers trust in the knowledge of a real estate agent when making an offer or determining an asking price, as a professional appraisal company, we have access to in-depth market research and comparable property data to help come up with the most accurate valuation of a property. Our fees will seem insignificant when you see the money we'll help you save or earn. We know property value, so put us to work for you.

 We've performed commercial valuations on strip malls, development land, office buildings, condo units, hotels, warehouses, and restaurants. We're called on by major lenders on a regular basis to perform commercial appraisals in Prince Edward Island, and we've also been called on for consulting on various commercial acquisitions. You'll receive a detailed, customized appraisal in a timely manner that will suit your needs while giving you confidence in the value of your investment.

Contact: Nick Farquharson
Address: 5 MacAleer Drive

Phone: 902-367-5600