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CAPEI Mission Statement

The mission of the Construction Association of PEI is to foster, promote and advance the interests and efficiency of the construction industry in Prince Edward Island by acting on behalf of and for its members.

Historical Background

Construction is not just a matter of on-site activities of installing materials, components and capital equipment. It includes conceptual, research, development, exploration, design, manufacturing, supply, testing activities.

Traditionally, construction has been termed a service industry, serving residential and non-residential categories. In fact, it is really a production industry, producing a vast array of new capital assets, ranging from a modest dwelling to a mammoth energy project or our own Confederation Bridge. This industry requires well-trained trades and management personnel to ensure that Canadian standards measure up to world requirements.

The Construction Association of PEI has participated in various construction management training projects as well as their regular support of the Apprenticeship Training Program. This participation has been at the provincial and national level.

The technology and management of construction projects has outpaced the ability of the workforce to maintain competency in all fields, most particularly in management training. The Gold Seal Construction Management program has helped in this regard, but further training in basic and advanced techniques are required if the industry is to compete more effectively on the national market. There are construction firms on PEI which compete in the regional markets as well as in upper Canada and the western provinces. Such companies require advanced training to compete effectively in those markets. The Education Committee of the Association has identified this as their target to meet Association purposes and objectives. A meeting in August 1999 identified the goals for a project proposal to meet this target.

CAPEI was originally formed in 1962 as the PEI Builders Exchange. Most of the founding members are no longer in the Industry. However, there are a few members that are still involved in the Industry.

In 1968 the PEI Builders Exchange name was changed to the PEI Construction Association. This was a Non Incorporated Association and continued in the fashion until 1974 when the Association was Incorporated for a Not for Profit Organization known as the Construction Association of Prince Edward Island.

Francis Reid was appointed General Manager for CAPEI on February 18, 1980.

Francis Reid retired in 2003. Phillip McInnis took over as General Manager until January 2009 when he left to take a position with the Provincial Government.  Ross Barnes was General Manager from February, 2009 through to April, 2015.

CAPEI's current General Manager, Sam Sanderson, took over the GM position in June of 2015.

Purposes and Objectives of the Construction Association of Prince Edward Island

  1. To represent the members of the Association in any matters pertaining to the construction industry, and to enter into such agreements as may appear to be in the best interests of the Construction Industry.
  2. To represent the interests of the provincial construction industry to all forms of government and to promote suitable and desirable legislation affecting the industry and to provide liaison with governments for any contemplated legislation by either municipal, provincial or federal authorities insofar as the same may affect the construction industry.
  3. To promote harmonious working relationships among its members for the benefit of the industry as a whole.
  4. To provide opportunities for the exchange of opinions, information and the coordination of efforts among its members and the various branches of the industry and to improve the tendering and contractual practices and procedures, customs, usages, methods and practices of those engaged in the construction industry.
  5. To initiate and maintain liaison with other industries and employer groups and to initiate and maintain liaison with other Construction Industry Associations and groups.
  6. To increase the productivity and expand the construction market within the construction industry.
  7. To provide for the gathering and dissemination of tendering information and other information for the use of the Association members.
  8. To invest its funds and securities in which trustees are from time to time authorized by law to invest.
  9. To hold all property and income arising therefrom acquired by its purchase, gift, bequest or otherwise in trust for the objects and purposes for which the company is incorporated.
  10. To do all such things which are incidental, conducive, convenient or proper for the accomplishment of the purposes or the attainment of the objectives of the Association or are expedient for the protection or benefit of the members.
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